The scope of this research platform is to mobilize and facilitate research involving human subjects, human samples, data derived from humans and research using biological or non-biological products which are tested on human. The key element of this research platform is to ensure researches on humans are conducted according to ethics guideline outlined by the Helsinki Declaration.

The thrust of Clinical Science Research Platform in USM is in promotion of research which would benefit patients and their community. Trans-disciplinary researches are highly encouraged. Various research clusters are formed by researchers with similar research interest yet different professional backgrounds. They collaborate to produce inventions and innovations which would improve patient care or prevent certain diseases, Some examples are software developed by electrical and electronic engineers based on neural network for diagnosis of cervical and breast cancer. These are products from collaborative effort of Schools of Medical Sciences and School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. There are studies using biological/natural materials for therapeutic purposes such as reformulated calcium harvested from corals in place of natural bone. Other natural and biological materials being researched extensively for clinical purposes include extracts from numerous natural plants (e.g. Strobilanthes crispus, Eurycoma longifolia), sea (e.g. Sticophus species), fresh water (e.g. Channa striata) creatures available in abundance in our country. Extracts of some of these natural chemical compounds and pharmaceutical products are at phase 3 clinical trials.

Scope of the Clinical Research Platform

This research platform also promotes collaboration between the arts-based and the science-based researchers such as using music as a healing agent for certain chronic illnesses for example the use of 'Gamelan' music therapy to improve motor power in children with cerebral palsy. We partake in researches that improve lifestyle and healthy living using ‘western- science-based’ approach such as various intervention tools to reduce obesity and tobacco addiction. We also employ ‘eastern-spiritual-based’ approach such as using biological materials for healing and disease prevention subscribed in the Holy book. An example of the latter is using honey in improving immune system in patients with Systemic lupus Erythematosis and HIV. WE have embarked on clinical trials using honey in promoting healings of traumatic burns, surgical and diabetic wounds and currently a few studies are looking at the molecular aspect of honey in causing apoptosis of various cancer cells in-vitro and in-vivo. [Read More]

Committees under Clinical Research Platform:

  1. Clinical Research Technical Committe
  2. Research Ethics Committee (Human) - JEPeM
Clinical Research Platform Annual Reports:
  1. Clinical Research Platform Annual Report 2007 [pdf]
  2. Clinical Research Platform Annual Report 2008 [pdf]
  3. Clinical Research Platform Annual Report 2009 [pdf]
  1. Ethical Approval Applications from January - December 2010
  2. Ethical Approval Applications from 2007 till 2009
  3. Ethical Approval Applications by Category year 2009
  4. Comparison of Timeline - Application Processed year 2008 vs 2009


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